iMobile Learning Center

Educating Kids Innovatively Network (EKIN) Program

iMobile Learning Center goes right into the communities of Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, Dekalb, Fayatte, Fulton and Gwinnett Counties to bring tutoring, CRCT Prep, SAT Prep, GED Prep, homework assistance, mentoring, computer training, job readiness and office skills development to students in grades PRE-K THRU 12th.

iMobile Learning Center gives impoverished families who may not have a computer at home or may not be able to visit their public library computer access right in their own communities.

iMobile Learning Center gives unemployed teens and adults access to internet job searches, resume preparation, computer training and office skills development.

iMobile Learning Center allows senior citizens and older adults who are not computer literate an opportunity to develop computer and internet skills.


The Mothers of America Campaign

The Mothers of America Campaign is a unique advocacy group of mothers whose children have been victims of crime, mothers whose children have committed crimes, supportive mothers and others who have united for the common cause of crime prevention and community change. The mission of The Mothers of America Campaign is to educate children about crime and the effects of crime on both their family and community. We believe that integrity plays a major role in a child’s development therefore, our goal is to encourage parents, grandparents, foster parents, and guardians to recognize the important role they play in teaching children the value of life and the meaning of integrity.

Friends, since integrity affects every aspect of our personal, family, community and business interactions; integrity must become an adult theme transcending political, religious, racial and socio-economic divides. The Mothers of America Campaign recognizes the need to encourage all citizens to help our students grow into complete individuals of character. We also believe that whenever possible high school and college students should be encouraged in civic engagement and democratic learning and act as mentors or tutors to younger students.

We all know that children are one of America’s most valuable resources and our best investment in the future of our Nation. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings touched the heart of all Americans and we must collectively teach our children the value of life and the meaning of integrity. Just as the unfortunate victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings represents the face of mass shootings in this Country, Hadiya Pendleton’s the Chicago teenager’s death in her own community represents the face of homicides occurring daily in local communities throughout the Nation.

In December 2012, we issued a call to action and asked every Governor in the Nation to proclaim 2013 The Year of Integrity. The purpose of The Year of Integrity 2013, is to promote the total education of children, which not only provides the necessary academic skills for success today but also the values, class and character needed to ascend to the highest levels of achievement.

We are pleased to announce that on February 4, 2013, Governor Pat Quinn signed a Proclamation declaring the month of March 2013, The Month of Integrity in the State of Illinois. The Month of Integrity provides the perfect opportunity for all citizens to promote increased family and community involvement in teaching children the value of life and the meaning of integrity. We hope that everyone in this State will join us in recognizing and celebrating March 2013, The Month of Integrity. In addition, Burell Ellis CEO of DeKalb County Georgia, Governors Scott Walker, State of Wisconsin, Mary Fallin, State of Oklahoma, Terry Bradshaw, State of Iowa, Martin O’Malley, State of Maryland, Dave Heineman, State of Nebraska have signed 2013 Year of Integrity Proclamation. Also, Governors Steve Bullock, State of Montana and Paul LePage, State of Main and Nathan Deal, State of Georgia have signed Letters of Support.


L.I.F.E (Leaving Incarceration for Education)

Our L.I.F.E. Program is designed to promote responsible behaviors among newly released juvenile offenders between the ages of 12 and 21 years old. Through L.I.F.E. these offenders are helped to understand that they are instruments for bringing about fundamental changes to their communities.

L.I.F.E. offers educational opportunities, mentoring and other supportive services and is also designed to foster a learning environment that meets the needs of at-risk youth as well as the children of prisoners.